Wednesday April 23, 2014
BREAKING NEWS .. Wendy Doniger - Academic or "Hackademic"? - Is there any academic credibility associated with producing an allegedly scholarly work with over 500 factual errors and the usual sprinkling of adolescent sexual innuendos ...? "If this is the quality of work produced by a Professor, why would anyone pay for a degree from such an Institution?" remark international Students.

 Introducing our Vice Chair - Shri Madhava Turumella


It gives us great pleasure to introduce the Vice Chairman of the British Board of Hindu Scholars, Shri Madhava Turumella.

Madhavaji is one of our most able scholars of the Vedas and a repository of great shastric knowledge as well as being a revered Priest.

The photo shows our Madhavaji (seated right) with one of his esteemed teachers, Sri Dr. Pratapa Dakshina Murthy Dikshitulu, PhD; an Ayurvedic Doctor of renown and also a great scholar of all four Vedas. He is one of the few true srotriya and brahmanishta. As well as having memorised all four Vedas,  he is fluent in 18 languages. Truly a great master, and the BBHS is deeply honoured to have received his blessings and his best wishes for the success of the BBHS. 

Support Us..

All of the members of the Board and the Acharya's Panel are volunteers contributing feeely of their time, knowledge and passion to ensure that the unique truths of the Hindu Dharma are given a fresh and vital voice. Help us by making a small contribution to keep the websites running and the podcasts and videos coming. Thank you.


The Quest for a Logo..

The BBHS is a unique evolution combining the best of Western sceptical scrutiny and merging it with the best of Eastern Holistic unified vision. From here in Britain, the home of the Greenwich Meridian, the East and West stretch out with vastly dfferent philosophies and minds and the BBHS is uniquely placed to help span and bridge and bring the two to a vastly improved understanding. Being Hindu Scholars we recognise that visual imagery may not be our best skill and so the hunt is on for a person who can craft a logo capable of projecting this unique vision... contact us

Academic Scrutiny or Intellectual Terrorism?

The wisdom of an indigenous civilisation is enshrined in its traditions, culture and above all spiritual practices. At what point does Academic scrutiny become Intellectual Terrorism? Like all assaults, the vicitim's voice tells all.

"We are all Hindus Now..."

The last decade has seen a dramatic upsurge in the area of "Indology" the academic study of Hindus and their civilisation and typically this involves non-Hindus dissecting and commenting upon what they think we Hindus are all about. Of late, this has developed a nasty unpleasant streak where members of other religions, (very very commonly members of the Church), usually "academics", have openly taken to demeaning and humiliating Hindus and Sanatan Dharma, on a global scale...